What We Do

dotSolved is a business process-focused technology transformation consulting firm. We specialize in process mining, helping businesses align to transformation goals, and select the right technology platforms to help them scale in their process. As process-centric consultants, we are able to uniquely help in hyperautomation and deliver trained digital assistants for the most complex processes.


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Enterprise Business Solutions

Align your Oracle Applications, NetSuite, and Salesforce platforms with your transformation to unify processes for growth.

Analytics Solutions

Build data science and analytics solutions for qualitative and quantitative business insights and operational excellence.

Automation Solutions

Increase agility through intelligent, RPA-enabled processes that are straight-through and near zero touch for unprecedented savings.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Leverage mature DevOps and cloud frameworks and secure infrastructure to ensure seamless delivery of IT services.

Custom Software Solutions

Develop the right custom software that is tailored to your unique needs and connects with your enterprise systems and processes.

QA Solutions

Implement QA and Testing strategies that ensure that all software applications are reliable, secure, and high quality.

Business Process Outsourcing

Leverage our BPO Services to boost efficiency and savings across functional areas. Streamline processes and strengthen customer experience.

Our Approach


Audit and move all your custom and silo-ed enterprise apps to standard, cloud-based services.


Ensure your changing business models and processes are sustained by applications, data, and insights.


Transform your silo-ed operations into an intelligent, always-aware, automated enterprise.

Technology Platforms

Freshworks Solutions for Digital Experiences
NetSuite Consulting Services
DevOps Infrastructure Management Services
Salesforce Consulting Services
RPA Consulting Services

Our Practices

Our services and solutions turn business challenges into digital opportunities, driving outcomes, scale, agility, and growth for our clients.

NetSuite Consulting Services

Streamline business processes with the NetSuite platform for visibility, change readiness, agility, and competitive advantage.

Oracle Application Services

Streamline business processes with the Oracle platform for visibility, change readiness, agility, and competitive advantage.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Solve business problems, boost customer experience, and unlock enterprise value through the Salesforce platform and ecosystem.

Freshworks Digital Solutions

Create richer customer experiences and happier employees while strengthening the customer journey.

RPA Consulting Services

Realize the full potential of your enterprise by eliminating slow, repetitive manual tasks.

DevOps Infrastructure

Build a robust technology environment that maximizes delivery value and efficiency.

BPO Services

Boost value of internal resources, integrate globally distributed processes, and unlock growth.

Data Science and Analytics

Unleash the full value of your data for actionable insight and lift decision making and performance.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Protect your applications and IT infrastructure against cyber threats and proactively lower risk.

The dotSolved Advantage

Leverage our knowledge, expertise. and global business transformation experience to your advantage. We have deployed digital solutions across hundreds of organizations and many several industries that revitalized their businesses.


Business Process Knowledge

We understand your industry specific needs, business processes, and challenges.


Business Domain Expertise

We manage all types of projects with every detail handled, assuring success.


Solution Specialists

Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience across multiple domains.



We advise you on solutions that transform your business at a low total cost of ownership.

Challenge. Convince. Create

Contribute to our several exciting digital transformation initiatives for our clients using platforms like ERP, CRM, Robotic Process Automation, Data Science, and more. The future is here and we are creating it daily!