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About Our Client

Founded in 2015, DTEN builds award-winning collaboration solutions that combine all-in-one cutting-edge features, plug-and-play ease, high-quality performance, and affordability. DTEN’ s Zoom certified appliances and integrated service subscriptions revolutionize the way teams around the world connect, communicate and collaborate.

Business Challenges

DTEN was dealing with legacy ERP systems, which resulted in data and information silos across their enterprise. There was no centralized control, monitoring, and repository for all data hence no unified access.

Other significant challenges posed by having multiple ERP systems include:

  • Redundant cost of ownership
  • Unnecessary integration costs
  • Intricate upgrade process
  • Lack of collaboration across business functions

DTEN was looking for a highly-reliable technology partner to implement a suitable ERP-CRM solution that can streamline its business functions.

Our Solution

DTEN chose dotSolved to evaluate its business requirements and select an ERP solution for its manufacturing and shipping business functions.

dotSolved and DTEN jointly led the project. dotSolved helped digitally transform their business and replaced legacy processes and systems with NetSuite ERP, Salesforce CRM along with all the supply chain capabilities and Mulesoft based integrations to other key business systems.

Value Delivered

  • Developed end to end Demand and Supply Planning processes which resulted into dramatic improvement in the Forecast Accuracy
  • Reduced wastages and rework due to better supply planning
  • Daily accurate supply plan visibility helped planner in prioritization and meeting urgent demands and reducing delays
  • Supply Plan (Work Order) Integration with Manufacturing system (Triggering work order creation) has reduced lead time for execution and given visibility to production orders reducing delays and WIP at the shop floor