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Establish processes for captivating user experiences

Across both the front-end and back-end of their operations, both e-commerce and brick and mortar retail businesses require accurate information flow, valuable customer insights, and dynamic pricing strategies that are implemented in real-time to enable the right customer experience across all channels.

dotSolved is the partner of choice for retail brands across their brick-and-mortar and online, omnichannel, and hybrid instances to design and deliver the most seamless and connected commerce processes. We help our clients raise operational efficiency while enabling unified and personalized, customer-centric experiences across digital and brick-and-mortar channels.


Combine technology and business domain expertise when implementing your digital strategy

Business Process Consulting and Advisory

Business process analysis, documentation, and optimization followed by process reengineering and transformation, workflow design and implementation, and training/change management.

Business Process Automation via Enterprise Applications

Implementation of ERP systems like Oracle EBS and NetSuite. CRM systems integration and customization, particularly with Salesforce. Business process outsourcing for cost-effective and efficient operations.

Business Process Analytics and Insights

Data-driven insights and analytics to optimize business processes. Reporting and visualization tools for enhanced decision-making. Predictive analytics and forecasting to drive strategic planning.

Business Process Infrastructure Services

Network, server and storage, and cloud computing and virtualization solutions for infrastructure as code. Agile development methodologies and DevSecOps and continuous integration and deployment.

Business Process Outsourcing infused by Technology

Outsourcing of back office operations through cloud enabled services to cut costs, save time, improve performance, institute standardization. Innovating processes through analytics, AI/ML, and RPA.

Business Process Hyper Automation

Intelligent process automation with AI/ML and RPA for automating simple, repetitive tasks as well as complex and knowledge-intensive tasks. Integration of systems for end-to-end hyper automation.


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