Forge stronger relationships with new and existing suppliers

dotSolved offers a supplier portal designed for an extended enterprise.
This scalable and robust cloud-based solution connects Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Contract Manufacturers, and suppliers to help manage multiple vendor relationships across different regions and time zones. It automates most of the tasks that would otherwise need to be completed manually by the company and its suppliers.
This solution enables suppliers to directly participate in the procurement management process and purchasing activities. It provides a secure environment for vendors to access and manage orders, invoices, payment details, and more. The goal is to establish a more collaborative relationship with suppliers for increased innovation.
What is a Supplier Portal?
A supplier portal is a centralized location where organizations and their suppliers can exchange information about orders, shipments, invoicing, and more. It provides organizations with the opportunity to partner with and communicate with suppliers. By making the procurement streamlined and automated, the process becomes much more painless with up-to-date, accurate information available on demand.

Supplier Portal Benefits

Simplify supplier onboarding with requisite vetting and validation

Streamline vendor onboarding to streamline the process, reduce cycle time, protect vendor relationships, and protect long-term profits

End-to-end contract management from request to performance analysis

Contract tracking and reporting for compliance and utilization with faster, smarter processes and analysis of variances, supplier performance.

Standardize payables process while automating PO driven transactions

Capture every order, change request, and PO line item, perform three-way invoice matching and take advantage of early payment discounts

Establish two way communication between suppliers and customers

Enable suppliers and customers to communicate through the portal to make changes to an order, routing changes through an approval process.

Integrate with multiple ERPs to handle a multi-ERP heterogenous environment

Integrate the portal experience across multiple ERP systems to connect supplier information to demand planning for supplier collaboration

Streamline material sourcing and improve supply chain performance

Ensure efficient sourcing of the right materials at the right time through a 360 degree view of supplier data and performance for insight

dotSolved Supplier Portal

Streamline processes for your extended enterprise

Designed for the extended enterprise

With the dotSolved Supplier Portal, you can plug into ERP systems like Oracle NetSuite quickly and easily. Realize real-time visibility of purchase orders on your system and more.
Seamlessly onboard suppliers with ERP systems

Unify supplier touch points by integrating data from ERP through automated workflows to deliver fast, efficient supplier experience

Consolidate all supplier data in one place

Consolidate and manage all supplier data across multiple ERP instances, extracting data using a flexible integration framework at scale

Configurable workflows and approvals

Implement checks and approvals in the business process, automatically collecting data from third party sources through connectors

Manage document flow and approvals including e-Signature

Share standardized B2B documents through real-time, web-based communication and view and respond to sourcing requests

Manage and streamline risk and compliance

Build checks and requests into onboarding, capture information through APIs, and populate risk data from the onboarding

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