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Natural language processing (NLP) has rapidly become integral to the workplace as communication itself. From chatbots to language translation and voice-activated assistants like Siri, Bixby, and Google’s voice search, the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and NLP now drives the transformation from data-driven to intelligence-driven platforms for the modern enterprise.

With the right tool you can scale data analytics to query big data without complexity:

 Google Assistant

Leverage deep learning technologies and reference data with Google Assistant to get what you need when you need it.

 Cortana Analytics Suite

Transform data to intelligent action. dotSolved can help you combine the capabilities provided by big data and machine learning with the Cortana Analytics Suite

 Siri Search

Request into a query, search known databases for answers and apply analytics to your data using large-scale machine learning systems and artificial intelligence algorithms

 Amazon Alexa

Employ the main aspects of data science—speech recognition and natural language processing—with Amazon Alexa.

Ok, Google. How do I use voice technology to optimize business processes?

dotSolved allows enterprises to leverage C-suite apps and use voice-based interfaces to query database systems.

Automatic speech recognition technology is advancing. Connected devices are multiplying. With dotSolved, you can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning so voice technology can “think” and be more effective at handling enterprise search queries.


Low total cost of ownership
Faster customer service response time
Easy to implement

dotSolved Voice Solutions

Voice enabled automation

Ensure usability of voice handled applications with devices like Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana

Tailored skill development

We analyze and advise on the risks and benefits of our solutions to your use cases and possible scenarios

Recommendation Engine

Build a solid AI recommendation process based on demographics, frequent requests, preferences, and history analysis

Virtual Assistant

Build advanced, conversational assistants to work and fulfill tasks for you

Voice Clarity and Accuracy

dotSolved’s linguistic and enunciation experts use best practices in voice recognition commands

Monitoring and Analytics

Use AI algorithms and voice-enabled applications to monitor and analyze data

Other NLP-based solutions


Reconstruct languages in a way that makes sense using ML and NLP

Speech Recognition

Teach devices to identify and interpret phrases and translate them into commands

Sentiment Analysis

Use machine learning to interpret and analyze customer sentiment

Market Intelligence

Pick up on search queries and gather trends for strategic decision-making

dotSolved Technology

Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Rest API
Amazon skills kit