BPO Services | dotSolved offers a perfect blend of people and process infused by technology to raise agility and lower costs.

dotSolved offers scalable IT-enabled services across functional areas such as finance and accounting, HR operations, sales operations, and supply chain operations and enables clients to reinvent business processes and operating models, driven by data and automation. Going beyond cost reduction, we help our clients to increase business focus while boosting value of internal resources. As a true partner, we integrate globally distributed processes and teams and enable high velocity growth.
Our BPO team brings more than a decade of experience across business functions and technology and delivers a combination of increased cash flow, cost savings, productivity gains, and revenue acceleration, combining data, process engineering and subject matter expertise, fueled by technology and innovation.

Comprehensive approach to process management and execution

Process Reengineering Management

Adopting a process first approach, we map as-is processes, build to-be processes, and implement them.

Enterprise Systems Management

We implement new IT application systems or revamp existing systems to support the to-be process.

Robotic Process Automation

Bridge the gap with bots that connect to different application systems and complete the business process.

Digital Business Services

Manage the process, industry domain, and human expertise triad with our talented multilingual team.

Digital Transformation Services

Customize BPO services to align with goals and fuel growth by accelerating the digital journey.

BPO Services Suite (Finance)

Procure To Pay (PTP)

Our Procure-to-Pay BPO services span across accounts payable processes – scanning, invoice processing, handling vendor queries, master data management, claims management, and payments and cash flow.

Record To Report (RTR)

Preparing and reporting overall accounts from processing transactions to the closing cycle to consolidation to analysis and reporting to reconciliation. Full financial reviews, controls and compliance, digitally implemented.

Contract Management

Manage contracting from solicitation to creation, negotiation, administration, maintenance, and support, raising compliance and lowering cycle times across the contract management system and database.

Order To Cash (OTC)

Automate manual O2C processes and accelerate payment by managing orders, billing and collections for healthy cash flow. Services include receipt and invoicing automation, invoice delivery, prepayment.

BPO Services Suite (Non-Finance)

Supply Chain Mgt.

Services include Master Data Management processes, design, planning and optimization of network, locations, routes, modes, order management and logistics management, and delivering insights across the value chain.

Revenue Data Analysis

Analyze revenue cycle stages from buyer awareness to marketing and sales to closed business and after-sales. Enable marketing and sales collaboration across stages with business rules to mark progress milestones.

Sourcing & Procurement

Category management, strategic sourcing, spend analysis, and accounts payable, within procurement and between procurement, finance, SCM, other areas. Includes data management and AI-driven analytics.

Customer Service

Handle customer queries via email, chat, phone, social media, other channels, solving concerns through live chat, chatbots, co-browsing. Improve first contact resolution, reduce touchpoints, and boost CSAT scores.

End to End BPO Services Methodology


Due Diligence

Establish transparency and trust from people, process, technology including compliance, risk management, internal controls, and technology maturity.



Identify needs, objectives, transition issues, analyze costs, and prepare strategic plan. Conceptualize potential business and technology solutions.



Determine procedural and control deficiencies and assess personnel skills. Prepare process maps for improvement opportunities, create tech solutions.



Translate solution into measured tasks that implement people, processes and technology to deliver operational services. Assess risk, manage change.



Execute each process as documented. Make revisions to documentation until it matches with reality. Establish cadence for sharing insights.


Scale and Transform

Ensure that processes can handle volume via automation. Uncover success gaps, combine efficiency with relevance, for predictable growth.

Get the dotSolved BPO Advantage


Transform Operations

Digitalize complex processes based on advanced technologies like AI and RPA to deliver guaranteed outcomes and improved metrics with step gains in efficiency.


Drive Innovation

Unlock innovation and value through business process reengineering that is aligned with priorities for improved efficiency, effectiveness, and experience.


Reimagine End-to-End Journey

Reimagine end-to-end processes through optimization, digitization, automation, with elimination of manual processes and work and instituting continuous-improvement.