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West Valley Staffing

About Our Client

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, West Valley Staffing is a leader in the staffing industry. The company needed to simplify its staffing tools and grow the business. dotSolved was identified by a West Valley preferred partner for its chosen upgrade path.

Business Challenges

West Valley Staffing was running its system using Oracle Release 11.0.3, which was no longer supported by Oracle. Using an old version of the system made it difficult for West Valley Staffing to navigate operations and crucial businesses processes. Company-wide system upgrade was a mounting challenge that the organization urgently needed to overcome.

Other significant business challenges posed by using old versions of EBS include:

  • No clear path of how to expand capabilities
  • Limited features and tools
  • Incrementally harder to support over the year
  • High maintenance cost for diminished benefit
  • Harder to compete against competitors

Our Solution

dotSolved was chosen by IntraServe, the preferred partner of West Valley Staffing, to evaluate business processes and upgrade the path to Oracle Release 12. After understanding current capabilities and the capabilities it requires in the coming years, dotSolved recommended doing a fresh implementation and using specialized staffing tools to handle West Valley Staffing’s complex business processes.

dotSolved worked closely with Intra Serve to integrate proposed systems for West Valley Staffing. For three West Valley Staffing entities, dotSolved implemented core business systems, including:

  • Finance: Efficient creation of detailed, auditable, reconcilable accounting from a variety of source systems
  • Payroll: Accurate and on-time payment to all employees
  • HR:Intelligent implementation of all aspects of the human resource function, including maintaining personal information and assignment of personnel
  • Operations: Comprehensive monitoring and control of workflow and processes across the business

The project rollout was concluded in four months.

Value Delivered

  • Developed end to end Demand and Supply Planning processes which resulted into dramatic improvement in the Forecast Accuracy
  • Reduced wastages and rework due to better supply planning
  • Daily accurate supply plan visibility helped planner in prioritization and meeting urgent demands and reducing delays
  • Supply Plan (Work Order) Integration with Manufacturing system (Triggering work order creation) has reduced lead time for execution and given visibility to production orders reducing delays and WIP at the shop floor