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Sales and Marketing Cloud

About Our Client

Market-leading U.S. Real Estate Company

Business Challenges

  • Difficulty quantifying lead generation performance metrics due to incomplete and disparate data
  • Low Lead conversion ratios due to disparate processes and tools
  • No visibility of Campaign performance metrics and contributions to Sales revenue
  • Manual promotional email management in Sitecore
  • Unclear priorities on projects and enhancements due to lack of IT Governance

Our Solution

  • Advised on target architecture for integration of Sales and Marketing technologies
  • Implemented Salesforce Connectors to integrate Sitecore and Marketing Cloud
  • Implemented Web-to-Lead with SiteCore and Salesforce and advised on processes for Marketing Qualified Leads.
  • Implemented Marketing Cloud Journeys utilizing SiteCore data and defined personalized journeys for multiple personas
  • Landing page was built in Sitecore and were used in promotional emails sent from Marketing cloud

Value Delivered

  • Single view of the customer in Salesforce with full visibility of activities, customer journeys, and customer conversion insights
  • New Marketing performance insights with new metrics measuring
  • Campaign performance, Lead generation performance, and ROI on marketing efforts
  • Streamlined management of Marketing content and email templates across SiteCore and Salesforce resulting in time savings of 40%
  • Improved Lead conversion by 25% and enabled visibility of Marketing contributions to Sales pipeline and revenue