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NetSuite for Wholesale Mid-Market

About Our Client

On-demand sales services provider for the B2B wine and spirits sector

Business Challenges

  • Complex business model, they provide on-demand sales services for wine and spirits producers.
  • 3-tiered system, DTC and DTR, AR and AP both ways, never actually take control of the product
  • They do not own the inventory; it is consigned to them.
  • No centralized visibility in existing application, very problematic & manual.
  • Wine producers inventory visibility at 3PL warehouse

Our Solution

  • NetSuite Wholesale & Distribution Mid-Market Edition Implementation
  • Same Entity/Party at both customer as well as vendor.
  • NetSuite standard consignment inventory model.
  • Custom record approach – a custom record to hold inventory available at 3PL locations. CSV files daily from 3PLs and upload those inventory quantities to the custom record.

Value Delivered

  • Cloud based environment with centralized visibility.
  • Client impressed with the solution proposed by NetSuite and dotSolved to fulfill their business requirements.
  • NetSuite and dotSolved provided insight into how the proposed solution can address their future business needs like handling of own products and their own warehouses.