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Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Experience Cloud Managed Services

About Our Client

Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud managed services for a market leader in the design, development, and marketing of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems.

Business Challenges

  • Inconsistent customer experience across sales, customer service, and marketing interactions.
  • Delayed customer support response times impacting customer experience.
  • Inconsistent marketing communications to businesses, fleets, and consumers.
  • Poor data quality as a of result of inconsistent data collection processes.

Our Solution

  • Implemented a branded customer portal with Salesforce Experience Cloud to enhance customer experience.
  • Configured profile-based personalization on Experience Cloud for Customers.
  • Documented customer journeys and set up Marketing Cloud Email journeys for customers, businesses, and fleets.
  • Centralized and automated customer service processes across the customer base with Service Cloud.
  • Implemented Sales Cloud and automation features which centralized sales processes for sales and indirect sales groups.
  • Configured dashboards and reports, which brought visibility.

Value Delivered

  • Improved customer experience with consistent and personalized experiences for customers, businesses, and fleets.
  • Increased Marketing Cloud adoption by 75%, driving improved personalization with customers, businesses, and fleets Reduced customer support resolution times by 10%.
  • Improved sales efficiencies by 15%, automating manual selling tasks Standardized data collection methods with improved data quality.