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dotSolved Unveils Innovative Supplier Portal Software

Pleasanton, CA, June 25, 2024

The primary goal of every business is to optimize costs and maximize return on investment (ROI), ensuring that every dollar spent translates into profit. A supplier portal plays a crucial role in achieving this outcome. In today’s complex and interconnected supply chain landscape, effective supplier collaboration depends on the ability to share, track, and access critical information precisely when needed. Without robust collaboration and proper communication, businesses face significant inefficiencies in supplier management, leading to:

  • Non-compliance
  • Poor operational standards
  • Cost mismanagement
  • Weakened supplier relationships

To effectively manage suppliers, organizations must incorporate a supplier portal with essential features into their software. Here are some key attributes of a robust supplier portal:

Key supplier portal attributes

  • Instant communication
    A supplier portal should facilitate immediate and continuous communication between companies and their suppliers, ensuring smooth information exchange. This minimizes delays in decision-making, enhancing overall supplier communication effectiveness.
  • Optimized procurement workflows
    By integrating the supplier portal within the ERP ecosystem, organizations can optimize their procurement processes end-to-end. This includes overseeing all activities within the procurement process, from vendor onboarding, through order placement and invoicing, to the final delivery of the order, whether on time or delayed.
  • Improved transparency and oversight
    A supplier portal designed for ERP customers should provide increased transparency into critical metrics and performance indicators. This level of insight enables organizations to make well-informed decisions, identifying areas needing enhancement, and exert greater control over their procurement processes.
  • Efficient document sharing and cooperation
    A supplier portal must streamline collaborative document management, allowing businesses to securely exchange documents, contracts, and essential information. This promotes a more organized and cooperative approach to vendor relationships.
  • Focus on tangible business befits
    The ultimate goal of any software platform is to deliver tangible benefits such as enhanced efficiency, cost reduction, and better management. A supplier portal should facilitate optimal task performance for both customers and suppliers, ensuring a significant return on investment.

At dotSolved, we understand that the basics of effective supply chain management lie not just in seamless transactions, but in fostering partnerships. This is why we are excited to introduce the dotSolved Supplier Portal for NetSuite customers, a state-of-the-art platform designed to revolutionize the way NetSuite-powered businesses engage with their suppliers.

Key features and benefits of dotSolved Supplier Portal

  • Streamlined supplier onboarding and communication
    • Unified communication channel to eliminate fragmented emails and missed messages
    • Keeps all stakeholders on the same page
  • Streamlined purchase order (PO) management
    • POs from NetSuite are seamlessly integrated and accessible, allowing finance users or any authorized support user to manage them efficiently.
    • Suppliers can view and manage their associated purchase orders directly within the portal.
    • Users can initiate, modify, and cancel requests at both the item and PO levels.
    • The portal ensures all updates and changes are synchronized with NetSuite, providing real-time accuracy and coordination between suppliers and users.
  • Effective compliance and risk management
    • Equipped with built-in compliance tracking and risk assessment features, effortlessly managing regulatory requirements and mitigating risks.
  • Reminder management
    • Get to choose from various categories of reminders that can be configured for recipients.
    • Determine the frequency for each reminder and choose the right template for a particular reminder
    • Identify the status of the reminders whether they are active or inactive.
  • Approval Management
    • Manage approvers who are designated to review various stages of approval.
    • Efficiently review suppliers’ NDAs and tax files for approval before onboarding.
    • Ensure suppliers meet compliance standards.
  • Tight integration with Arena
    • The Supplier Portal integrates seamlessly with Arena, leveraging Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) to track the impact and specifics of change requests.
    • ECOs are retrieved from Arena daily through scheduled jobs and assigned to suppliers based on factory code configurations.
    • Supplier users evaluate the impact of change orders and update implementation details, which are then reviewed by the support team for final closure or re-opening of the ECOs as needed.
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS) management
    • The Supplier Portal features robust MPS capabilities, integrated with Oracle OSPC (Oracle Supply Planning Cloud), to manage production plans and supply commitments over time.
    • The MPS process is initiated by the Planner, reviewed by editors, and approved by approvers before being published to suppliers and contract manufacturers.
    • Suppliers can adjust their commitments to the MPS every week, while MPS Operational users update and publish the MPS monthly, ensuring alignment and accuracy in production planning.
  • Seamless DocuSign integration
    • Fully integrated with DocuSign for effortless signing of all vendor contract agreements.

This is a partial list of the features available, and our Supplier Portal for NetSuite ensures your buying team has all their requirements covered, allowing them to concentrate on two critical aspects: maximizing cost savings and enhancing operational efficiency.

dotSolved Supplier Portal: Tailored benefits for key stakeholders

The supplier portal should cater to the diverse needs of various personas involved in the procurement process. dotSolved supplier portal is built with this philosophy at its core. For buyers, it offers comprehensive management of supplier agreements, purchase orders, and contract deliverables, ensuring streamlined operations and effective communication. Receivers benefit from improved logistics through real-time access to delivery schedules and shipment notifications. The finance team gains enhanced control over invoicing and payments, facilitating smooth financial transactions and dispute resolution. Planners and contract manufacturers can share forecasts, manage production schedules, and negotiate prices, ensuring alignment with suppliers. By addressing the unique requirements of these key personas, dotSolved supplier portal enhances collaboration, transparency, and efficiency across the entire supply chain.

Beyond the platform: Building community

What sets the dotSolved Supplier Portal for NetSuite apart is not just its technological features but its ability to create a vibrant community of businesses and suppliers. We believe in the power of partnership and mutual growth, and our portal is designed to facilitate the same. Through forums, feedback mechanisms, and joint innovation initiatives, our Supplier Portal is geared at streamlining processes and nurturing a collaborative ecosystem for NetSuite customers.

Next steps

As we roll out the dotSolved Supplier Portal, we invite you to join us in this journey of transformation. Whether you are a long-standing NetSuite partner or a NetSuite customer looking to forge meaningful business relationships, this portal is your gateway to a new era of supply chain collaboration. As pioneers in NetSuite implementation for decades, we deeply understand your needs and have designed this platform from the ground up to tackle your most pressing challenges. We are excited to offer a three-month trial of the dotSolved Supplier Portal enterprise version. Following this period, you’ll benefit from an annual subscription at a highly competitive price, significantly lower than your current costs.

Take advantage of this opportunity and act now!

Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to reach out to our team for a deeper dive into how the dotSolved Supplier Portal can benefit your current NetSuite engagement. Together, let’s transform supplier engagement and collaboration for continued excellence.

Hemendhira M
VP, Marketing