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Unique customers

dotSolved Delivers

Process Design
We help customers review existing processes and provide strategic process consulting and design to drive their transformation initiatives.
Purpose-aligned Pilots
Clients have leveraged our Purpose-aligned Pilots to implement a module or business function in a 90-day sprint to experience the capabilities of NetSuite
Contextual Scale
We take the time to understand every business’ nuanced needs, culture, and goals. Leveraging this understanding, we help clients embrace the NetSuite platform with contextual scale
Process Automation
Post implementation, we also help clients automate many of their processes—from finance to order management to warehouse.
Insights-based Decision Support
With an interconnected ecosystem, NetSuite offers powerful analytics capabilities across business functions, and we help company executives leverage an insights-based decision-making capability

The dotSolved Advantage

Our boutique domain- and process-based strategic consulting helps us deliver meaningful outcomes to our clients in a sustained, stabilized, and scalable model.
With over two decades of experience, we bring a suite of out-of-box accelerators that serve almost 90% of most business needs.