Everything you need from Billing, RevRec, ASC606, Subscriptions, Expenses to Project Accounting

“Status quo?
In software and IT industry, there is no such thing.
To remain relevant and competitive in the market, software companies must have the agility to evolve and innovate with the ever-changing landscape—especially smaller companies competing with giants. Even the most solid of business plans can be rendered useless if a company is not prepared to navigate the highly disruptive nature of the industry. Today you may be selling software — but future market demands may require you sell hardware and services as well.


Key Benefits

  • Rapid growth
  • Greater efficiency
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Global expansion
  • Increased speed to market
  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Risk mitigation

And what about scale? Software companies must be able to grow rapidly to keep up with competitors, which means leveraging opportunities for international expansion.
That’s just the beginning.
Software companies must have the systems in place to manage and maintain their success — from complying with new reporting standards, to streamlining disparate expense management systems, to managing high-volume financial reporting, achieving all with least amount of effort and disruption to daily operations. After all, in the software industry, speed to market is the key.
Are you ready?
dotSolved team is…

dotSolved offers companies in the software and IT industry support for the full lifecycle of your business — from the initial NetSuite implementation with SuiteSuccess methodology to continuous managed services for post-golive Optimization.

We help software companies seamlessly transition to the cloud with NetSuite ERP, while addressing major challenges that include disruption and changing business models, contract management, subscription services, revenue recognition and compliance requirements, integration of multiple systems, and reporting standards. We have a deep understanding of software companies, the challenges you face and the best practices to streamline operations. We leverage the SuiteSuccess methodology based on leading industry practices to ensure your solution tailored for a software company like yours.
The results are rapid growth, greater change agility, improved efficiency, greater competitive advantage, global expansion, increased speed to market, reduced cost to serve and risk mitigation.

Why use dotSolved for Software Companies?

Software Industry Experience

Our dotSolved consulting team has a deep understanding of software and technology companies as well as other ERP systems, along with the challenges you face and the best practices to help you transition to a desired state of operations.

Advanced Revenue Management

dotSolved consultants will help you unlock the potential of NetSuite’s unparalleled Advance Revenue Management to enable users to handle complex revenue recognition scenarios. A myriad of advanced use cases is resolved with the use of fair value formulas, fair value price lists, fair value dimensions and much more.

Reduced Risk, Speed to Market and Lower Cost

We understand that as a software company—you cannot take people away from their day jobs for too long—you have a business to run. We understand that you want speed and you want quality, experience and expertise. Our SuiteSuccess methodology enables a faster time to market though integrated leading practices and your risk of implementation fatigue is highly mitigated.

Improved Business Visibility and Actionable Insights

Our offerings and services enable actionable insights that inform you how your business is performing so you can respond to market pressures with real-time views of tailored KPIs that enable you to manage by exception.

Ensure High User Adoption

Our consulting, tailored training programs and testing teams ensure a successfully implemented solution that works and has a high adoption rate. Our consultants can advise on change management practices to ensure high adoption.

Leading Practices to Accelerate Business Growth

The dotSolved advantage is that we not only have a product tailored for software companies but we also have a deep bench of consultants that work with software companies and differnt ERP systems all day every day that share leading practices. Additionally, our verticalization in several industries enables us to share best practices from an adjacent industry, and a more robust implementation. These leading practices enable our customers to accelerate business growth.

Consolidated Reporting

We understand the importance of consolidated reporting for our customers in the software industry. dotSolved’s SuiteCloud and SuiteAnalytics experts help you refine and generate these reports and ensure that your reporting system is running efficiently.

ACS 606 Standards

Many dotSolved Consultants have CPA background team and their industry expertise enables you to meet the ASC 606 standards issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board. We have a team of experts dedicated to understanding the new standards and offer expertise in helping you achieve compliance objectives using NetSuite.

Third-Party Software, Point Solutions and Ecosystem Architecture Expertise

Many of our consultants have expertise in third-party expense management and billing systems and the leading point solutions and cloud applications. From quote to cash, we fully understand the ecosystem and architecture and offer support and advisement on best practices for integrating these solutions with NetSuite for optimal return on investment.