Manage your Supply and Demand with ease


Key Features

  • Engineering – improve product design and BOM management.
  • Sales and Marketing – implement campaigns, manage opportunities, estimating and quoting.
  • Order Management – accelerate demand planning and control input type.
  • Supply Chain Management – synergize with suppliers and purchasing and simplify distribution resource planning.
  • Production Control – improve scheduling, work order management and increase product quality.
  • Service and Support – streamline case management, manage warranty returns and enable customer self-service.
  • Financial Management – enhance intercompany accounting, costing and payment management.
  • Commerce – empower omnichannel purchasing in B2B and B2C environments.

Order Management

  • Improves order management by automaticallytransitioning orders to shipping/logistics andaccount receivables.
  • Supports multi-step picking, packingand shipping.
  • Provides real-time visibility into entireorder management process with relevantinformation such as orders, trends and orderconversion rates.
  • Converts quotes into approved sales ordersand routes them to the finance team forinvoicing and revenue recognition.
  • Provides mobile access to key informationsuch as sales orders, customer dashboardsand calendars.

Supply Chain Automation

  • Supports extended, yet fully integrated,supply chain environments by ensuring dataflows seamlessly across networks.
  • Advances distribution resource planningby automatically suggesting, and whereappropriate, generating purchase orders,work orders and transfer orders acrossmultiple locations.

Production Control

  • Streamlines production environments byautomatically creating work orders fromsales orders in make-to-order environments.
  • Features lot and serial traceability andenables both to be registered throughpurchasing receipts, inventory, shop floorcontrol and sales order fulfillment functions.
  • Simplifies multi-level work order processingby enabling a single work order to control amulti-level assembly.
  • Supports full production routing capabilitiesincluding operational steps, work centers,labor, overhead and materials.
  • Provides critical information for inventorytracking by maintaining a complete history ofeach product kit throughout its lifecycle.
  • Enables maintenance and control of thecomplete asset lifecycle across depreciatingor non-depreciating assets, from creation todepreciation, revaluation and disposal.
  • Simplifies period-end closes with automatedallocations, currency management tools andperiod locking.


  • Enables implementation of both B2B andB2C portals that streamline order placementand improve customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlines order management bytransferring orders automatically toback-office fulfillment processes

Sales and Marketing

  • Accelerates real-time quote management byincorporating pricing, sales tax and discountingrules automatically into sales quotes.
  • Allows for the creation, execution andmeasurement of email campaigns thatconvert leads to customers.
  • Enables intuitive management of opportunitiesacross status, potential revenue, key contact’snotes and related documents
  • Integrates demand planning forecasts andrequired inventory levels based on historicaldata, sales forecasts, average trends andseasonal fluctuations.
  • Monitors stock levels and automaticallycreates restocking alerts and reorderingforms to ensure planned inventory levelsare maintained.
  • Provides real-time, detailed visibility intokey spend, inventory and supply chainmanagement metrics.

Service and Support

  • Automates case management by assigningsupport tickets to unique customer emailaddresses, including provisions for escalatingissues based on customizable parameters.
  • Accelerates return material authorizations byenabling products to be returned to one ofmany locations, where available.
  • Improves warranty management with lookup code that automatically trigger return andrepair processes.
  • Provides a rich library of online training aidsthat includes training videos, webinars andweekly bulletins.

Financial Management

  • Features customizable dashboards displayingkey information such as accounts receivable,orders and accounts payable.
  • Provides multiple reports including incomestatements, balance sheets, consolidatedreports, variance reports and side-by-side comparisons.
  • Supports unlimited numbers of general ledgeraccounts, sub-accounts and segments.
  • Streamlines invoice creation by automaticallycalculating sales taxes, finance charges anddiscount terms.
  • Automatically creates dynamic price lists thatreflect purchase volumes.
  • Supports creation of coupons or discountson specific items, enables exempting otheritems from discounts, and automaticallydelivers up-sell recommendations.
  • Provides search engine analysis, websiteanalytics and reporting, online marketinganalytics and more.
  • Accepts real-time payments from differentcredit cards and international currenciesand supports Google Checkout or PayPalcheckout options.

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