DT-TwinTM Methodology

Bring Processes, Platforms, and People to a common visible pane in your digital transformation

Process Design Studio:
The DT-Twin offers an elegant Process Design Studio that helps
  • The stake-holders understand the holistic process of how the Organization runs
  • Fine tune “Up-stream” processes and see the impact in the “Down-stream” processes
  • Make changes and keep control of Change Management
  • Prioritize changes in processes
  • In total automation of repetitive processes using bots
Process Design Studio
People Planner
Platform Decision Engine
Platform Decision Engine:
As business and IT decide on the new process design, the underpinnings of executing on the design relies on robust technology selection. The DT-Twin leverages AI and machine learning to recommend the right technology choices, in order to:
  • Complete or augment a process gap
  • Leverage cost advantages to migrate from an existing legacy to a modern technology
  • Provision new capabilities for new and currently underserved user personas
  • Democratize data across the enterprise for decision support
People Planner
People Planner:
At the heart of any transformation is the strength of the right people with the right skills who can execute with minimum supervision. The DT-Twin helps transformation leaders plan well in advance for the required people skills and talent pools that would be required to carry out the initiatives. This includes:
  • Identifying the right functional, technical, and domain expertise required at every stage of transformation roll-out
  • Analyzing internal talent and availability, skills and bandwidth gaps
  • Integrating with external talent sources, and building the right pool profiles
  • Developing the right recruitment strategy for the pool
Platform Decision Engine

The dotSolved DT-Twin is designed by domain and technology experts who have managed complex transformation in multiple business functions across industries, and features mission-critical tools that can help un-stall projects, inject data-driven visibility into decisions, and accelerate outcomes that matter.