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With the right tool you can scale data analytics to query big data without complexity:

Google Assistant
Google Assistant
Leverage deep learning technologies and reference data with Google Assistant to get what you need when you need it.
Cortana Analytics
Cortana Analytics Suite
Transform data to intelligent action. dotSolved can help you combine the capabilities provided by big data and machine learning with the Cortana Analytics Suite
Siri Search
Siri Search
Request into a query, search known databases for answers and apply analytics to your data using large-scale machine learning systems and artificial intelligence algorithms
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa
Employ the main aspects of data science—speech recognition and natural language processing—with Amazon Alexa.

Beyond Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa

dotSolved’s team has the experience and technical experience to ensure that you maximize the full benefits of data science and analytics:
Build smart data pipelines with visual tools and machine-actionable metadata
Unveil, integrate, and orchestrate analytics data
Unify large pipelines to make them more automated and self-serving

Big Data and Analytics Solutions

Quickly deploy and ramp up business value from your investments
Data Ingestion
Data Ingestion, Migration, and Validation
Operational Data Lake
Operational Data Lake
Real-time Processing
Real-time Processing & Analytics
BI/BW and Big Data
BI/BW and Big Data Intelligence Hybrids
Data Visualization
Data Visualization & Discovery

Big Data Services

dotSolved provides value-added services in Big Data that enables you to make sense of
data, innovate fast & now, and drive measurable and superior business outcomes.
Data-Driven Business Process Modeling & Automation
Making data-driven decisions require new approaches and new cultures within your organization and departments. dotSolved brings its business process modeling & automation service expertise to enable you to create and optimize your key business processes for the Digital Era.
Analytic Application Design, Development & Implementation Services
Analytics is the core of all applications used by business users. Analytics applications should be mobile-first, cloud-enabled, lightweight, always-on, and available anywhere anytime with secure access. dotSolved brings Open Source Software expertise, modern application engineering design, and architectural paradigms. We can help your business users make real-time decisions from the insights delivered through these apps.
Data Science Services
dotSolved has the data scientists and engineering talent to team with you to tackle your complex decisions using advanced machine learning and data. Our data science expertise can help you make smart, responsive, and informed decision-making at scale at speed.
Big Data Managed Services
dotSolved provides complete end-to-end managed services using a BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) Model, so you can free valuable management time and budget to focus on higher business priorities.
Staff Augmentation & Training
We maintain a large pool of talent to enable your Big Data and Analytic projects with the expertise and skills that are hard to find immediately to execute on your IT priorities. We bring you the right talent for your projects when you need it.