Cybersecurity Consulting Services | dotSolved experts protect your applications and IT infrastructure against cyber threats and lower risk.

dotSolved partners with organizations in assessing, implementing and supporting cybersecurity processes to secure sensitive data and comply with regulatory requirements, proactively managing cyber risks and threats. The goal is secure growth by leveraging our cybersecurity expertise, combined with rich business domain knowledge.
Our cybersecurity team helps you stay ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape through our portfolio of services that range from security strategy to tactical cybersecurity implementation and managed risk and compliance.

Instituting the Right Cybersecurity Controls and Technology

Identity and Access Management

Streamline access control tasks and workflows across complex, multi-cloud environments, on-premises, remote, and SaaS apps and data sources, for security and user experience.

Endpoint Security Controls

Secure entry points and end points of end-user devices from being exploited by threat actors to detect, analyze, block, contain attacks, providing visibility into advanced threats.

Application Security Controls

Implement frameworks and standards for remediating application vulnerabilities, lowering risk of breaches. Ensure visibility into apps, data, traffic passing in the network.

Data Security Controls

Lower data risks by establishing data security best practices including software and hardware access restrictions and data handling protocols through encryption and DLP.

Full Suite of Cybersecurity Services

Compliance and Risk Management

Ensure that systems meet security standards and corporate and regulatory mandates. Detect, identify, analyze, classify, control cybersecurity risks. Prioritize risks in order of criticality, map out threat environment, add on best practices.

SOC as a Service

Perform network monitoring, log management, threat detection, incident investigation and response, and reporting, based on 24x7 monitoring of the network to address potential threats. Triage alerts and escalate for expert response.

Security Technology Optimization

Implement endpoint cybersecurity tools, safeguard databases and other programs, and manage patches and upgrades. Finetune identity and authorization, firewall management, traffic encryption, control inbound and outbound network traffic.

Security Assessment and Testing

Scan for vulnerabilities. Run multi-layered penetration tests to exploit vulnerabilities and prioritize flaws that pose a threat. Expose security weaknesses and provide guidance to address them. Simulate approach of adversaries via red team operations.

Managed Security Services

Monitoring and management of security devices, systems, and applications. Protect endpoints, assets and data from exfiltration, breaches, cybersecurity events, using SIEM tools, endpoint detection / response and network security tools.

Cybersecurity Services Methodology



Identify and prioritize risks and areas for improvement. Obtain detailed view of potential threats, review risk profile, and discover gaps in current policies and procedures. Identify, classify, and map data and information assets based on value. Communicate risks to stakeholders and make informed decisions on resource allocation.



Define security goals that align with current cybersecurity capability, risk appetite, and security architecture. Identify target maturity level that is suitable for the environment. Plan elements include vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, business continuity, disaster recovery, and managed security services.



Define system boundaries: where data is stored, where it flows, critical dependencies. Implement segmented network that limits impact of intrusions via automated detection and remediation of vulnerabilities. Build data processing map to assess privacy risks, pinpoint where to implement security measures, add data controls.



Monitor IT and digital assets to uncover anomalies, prevent breaches, raise cybersecurity posture. Aggregate and analyze security logs from Security Incident and Event Management Systems, Intrusion Detection and Behavioural Analytics systems. Raise host-level security visibility using Endpoint Detection and Response, Endpoint Protection Platforms.



Ensure visibility into cybersecurity posture through tests and reporting. Gain view of network activity, discover new devices on network, outline their configuration and event data. Aggregate endpoint and user behavior data, application and operating system logs, firewalls and router logs, threat intelligence, contextual data. Analyze data to identify early attack indicators.

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