dotSolved contributes to renewable energy and clean technology through business integrations.

As rapidly expanding economies make the adoption of clean technologies mandatory in response to a stricter regulatory and compliance landscape, cutting edge solutions such as AI, IoT and Digital Twins will have a huge impact across all sectors ranging from agriculture to power generation, mining, and even the retail supply chain.
dotSolved is passionate about clean/green technology and partners with companies in implementing solutions that can help them hit their sustainability, growth, and compliance targets.

Service areas

Business Process Consulting and Advisory
Business process analysis, documentation, and optimization followed by process reengineering and transformation, workflow design and implementation, and training/change management.
Business Process Automation via Enterprise Applications
Implementation of ERP systems like Oracle EBS and NetSuite. CRM systems integration and customization, particularly with Salesforce. Business process outsourcing for cost-effective and efficient operations.
Business Process Analytics and Insights
Data-driven insights and analytics to optimize business processes. Reporting and visualization tools for enhanced decision-making. Predictive analytics and forecasting to drive strategic planning.
Business Process Infrastructure Services
Network, server and storage, and cloud computing and virtualization solutions for infrastructure as code. Agile development methodologies and DevSecOps and continuous integration and deployment.
Business Process Outsourcing infused by Technology
Outsourcing of back office operations through cloud enabled services to cut costs, save time, improve performance, institute standardization. Innovating processes through analytics, AI/ML, and RPA.
Business Process Hyper Automation
Intelligent process automation with AI/ML and RPA for automating simple, repetitive tasks as well as complex and knowledge-intensive tasks. Integration of systems for end-to-end hyper automation.


Renewable Energy Equipment and Information Management
Visualize, manage, and track data in real-time to execute tasks faster. Effectively use critical resources through planning management, task execution, and workflow oversight for profitability.
Energy Storage for Optimal Value
Apply AI and ML to track data and monitor system health. Optimize battery use to maximize revenues while lowering degradation. Streamline the battery program across application and lifecycle stages.
Energy Infrastructure Asset Management
Manage renewable assets through monitoring of production KPIs, analytics, power forecasting, and reporting. Optimize operations and maintenance of the portfolio and maximize plant performance.
Energy Efficiency and Demand Management
Implement AI-driven demand management and predictive analytics to align sustainability with business objectives. Collect data from production processes to track equipment power consumption and lower costs.
Clean Energy Distribution Operation and Performance
Manage renewable energy distribution including operation and performance for monitoring, control and analysis. Ensure optimal application configuration: visualization and control to reporting to efficiency.
Water and Wastewater Data Management
Manage water and wastewater data collection, data management and reporting. Streamline regulatory compliance, raise data integrity, centralize data access, and automate compliance reporting.
Environmental Management for Compliance
Strengthen regulatory compliance while lowering environmental impact, and monitor carbon and energy usage and environmental impact through data validation and automated processes.
Inventory management to scale the business
Eliminate manual processes, use purchase order and sales data to track inventory, and streamline warehouse activities. Scale renewable energy business for efficiency based on inventory supply and demand.
Clean Energy Manufacturing Workflows and Integration
Integrate workflows through sales, job management, documentation, inventory and financial management. Scale from a single asset to the renewable portfolio, enable integration into a smarter grid.
Renewables automation for Sustainability
Raise visibility into renewable assets through a data-driven approach for actionable intelligence that drives higher availability and reliability while reducing operations and maintenance costs.
Waste management automation for Sustainable Operations
Step up digitization of waste management across assets and optimize processes for efficiency. Build workflows for sorting and destruction, organizing collection schedules, transportation, recycling, and disposal.