Are you a problem solver?

Everyone at dotSolved is a problem solver. It’s in our name and in our company DNA. We are always looking for solutions and ways to make things better — for our clients, for our team mates, and the greater world outside our doors.

We are more than just a workplace, we are family.

We know that finding a meaningful and rewarding job can be a long journey. Our goal is to make that process as easy as possible for you, and to create a work environment that’s satisfying — one where you’ll look forward to coming to every day.

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What our people say

A Very good Company to work and gain excellent experience. Good Work & life balance through flexible hours. You gain great knowledge on trending technologies, a wide range of opportunities to learn and develop skills. Facing the Customer, yourself enables you to gain a lot of confidence and responsibility in your work. dotSolved has solid pool of talents that you can reach out to for any help in any domain and they are friendly. Global and Eminent Clients expose you to many different things and you learn to make responsible decisions.

Approachable management team, very transparent and there is no micromanagement. This is a Fast-Growing Company!

Rajeshkanna Alagar
Delivery Manager

I was at a very important juncture at my carrier when I received the opportunity to work at dotSolved. I am fortunate to see the transformation of dotSolved growing from a company with a handful of employees to a few hundred in no time! It would not be too much if I say each day is new learning here. Handling different customers, complex landscapes, requirements, interacting with clients who are at the executive level, involving in building a team and practice and having a leadership team who not just hears but also gives space to implement new ideas makes this the ideal place to groom the next level of leadership. if your carrier is a chariot, you need a good company to be the Axis to keep the ride stable. dotSolved is indeed an axis to my carrier and am thankful for it.

Seetharaman Kumarakrishnan
Practice Lead, RPA

Working with dotSolved has been a wonderful experience for me. I have been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities early on, helping me accelerate my growth. The communication channels are open and frank. Communication gaps caused by the lockdown blues couldn't hamper our productivity or cause any unwanted stress. The work culture in dotSolved is nurturing, the entire team including managers/leads/HRs are always ready to help, be it work-related or you are just feeling down due to the overall current state of the world. Despite being new to the company, I was given a lot of challenging new opportunities, which helped me not only on the process side but also on the soft skills side like negotiations within the team and with the client.

I really thank dotSolved for giving me an opportunity to be part of their success story.

Melvin Murphy
Senior Lead - AR - Collections

dotSolved is a good place to work at. The culture is transparent and every employee, irrespective of their position is given a chance to be heard. There are ample opportunities available to those who want to build a career here. It provides a very conducive environment to learn, grow and prosper.

I was assigned responsibilities very early in my career which improved my decision-making skills. The experiences, that I have gained along the way, are irreplaceable and invaluable. dotSolved always provides relevant platforms to learn and explore new technologies/Skills.

The founder, Management and colleagues are always ready to help without a second thought and are open to discussing new ideas and improvements. Trust-based culture, regular communication, and an environment of hiring right and hardworking people have laid the foundation for employee autonomy. This in turn has helped me to act and think independently. I feel more accountable for my deliverables with best Performance and learned so many new things in my short span with dotSolved.

Kalyani M Vijay
Senior Manager - Projects

I am very much happy to be work with dotSolved, and I have seen how I have transformed myself into a professional in more than one way. I got a chance to work lot of new technologies, opportunity to work with high knowledge people and the freedom they gave me to create my own way of working are some of the things I like being in dotSolved.

Karthik Rao
Senior Technical Lead – Data Science

Nine years at dotSolved, my journey has been filled with learning and growing with in our organization. I am fortunate to be surrounded by great individuals who are generous in sharing knowledge. I am grateful to all my colleagues here who contributed to my journey so far. I am grateful to my destiny which brought me here to move my career in a lovely way.

Karthik P
Senior Manager - Accounts

I am delighted to work with dotSolved and its prestigious clients and projects.

Our Leadership team is open and transparent who accepted me as part of their big dotSolved family, so I get the sense of belonging and being appreciated in all walks of my journey with them. The Management believes in us which gives immense confidence to align our individual goals with the organization's goals and be a part of the big picture of success. Our seniors are showing as examples and walk the talk about the objectives of the Organization. Clients are given utmost care; attention and our teams are dedicated to clients. We truly believe that our client’s success is our success.

Karpagam N
Senior Manager

Being part of dotSolved makes me feel like we are into something big! It is a rapidly growing organization with transparent culture, innovative ideas, and approachable management. Every dotSolver, irrespective of their position, is given a chance to be heard and given freedom to innovate and take up new responsibilities towards company’s goals and personal career growth. With visionary leaders and highly knowledgeable colleagues around, dotSolved is truly one of the best places to work at!

Vijay Arun
Senior Technical Lead – RPA

I got an opportunity to work for an amazing company. Lot of learning came with this opportunity that keeps me engaged, challenged and proud of the work we do. Opportunities to “practice what you preach” are never-ending and I feel as though my skill set continues to build with each project. Basically, I am enjoying work and progressing my career professionally and personally.

Rajesh B
Senior Software Consultant

I have this unique privilege to be part of this awesome company dotSolved for a long time. I have seen them small and tall and to be part of this growing company was a treat. I was working directly under the Founder who is also my #1 Mentor throughout my career. To be part of this professional family and grow along with the company has been the highlight of my career and will continue to do so.

Lionel J T Abraham
Senior Manager – Customer Success