dotSolved helps BioTech companies ensure data accuracy while eliminating routine tasks.

Life sciences and biotech companies managing the concept-to-market lifecycle of products require real-time visibility into their discovery, clinical research, manufacturing, contract partners, and market data even as they introduce new products into the market.
dotSolved works with leading drug discovery, clinical research, and manufacturing companies in helping them build a future-ready ecosystem that integrates application silos, data streams, and data signals in meaningful ways.

Service areas

Business Process Consulting and Advisory
Business process analysis, documentation, and optimization followed by process reengineering and transformation, workflow design and implementation, and training/change management.
Business Process Automation via Enterprise Applications
Implementation of ERP systems like Oracle EBS and NetSuite. CRM systems integration and customization, particularly with Salesforce. Business process outsourcing for cost-effective and efficient operations.
Business Process Analytics and Insights
Data-driven insights and analytics to optimize business processes. Reporting and visualization tools for enhanced decision-making. Predictive analytics and forecasting to drive strategic planning.
Business Process Infrastructure Services
Network, server and storage, and cloud computing and virtualization solutions for infrastructure as code. Agile development methodologies and DevSecOps and continuous integration and deployment.
Business Process Outsourcing infused by Technology
Outsourcing of back office operations through cloud enabled services to cut costs, save time, improve performance, institute standardization. Innovating processes through analytics, AI/ML, and RPA.
Business Process Hyper Automation
Intelligent process automation with AI/ML and RPA for automating simple, repetitive tasks as well as complex and knowledge-intensive tasks. Integration of systems for end-to-end hyper automation.


Record-to-Report—General Ledger and Fixed Assets
Optimize record to report (R2R) cycle via Robotic Process Automation (RPA), data management, workflow solutions, and advanced business analytics, for transactions speed.
Procure-to-pay — requisition to receipt to payment
Integrate purchasing and accounts payable functions and create a seamless procurement workflow with fine-grained control and deep visibility into each transaction stage.
Order-to-cash—quote, order, pricing, invoicing, collections
Ensure 360-degree visibility into every stage of the OTC process. Eliminate revenue leaks from poor response times, incorrect quotes, and missed cross and upsell opportunities.
Planning, budgeting, and forecasting for growth
Manage performance with lower budgeting and forecasting times. Uncover financial intelligence to make data-based decisions via unified reporting from ERP/other systems.
Hire-to-retire — HR lifecycle management and retention
Integrate hire to retire processes and raise efficiency with fewer errors, strengthen compliance, lift satisfaction, boost retention, and leverage data to make smarter decisions.
Revenue recognition automation and best practices
Automate revenue recognition with compliance built in and customized revenue recognition rules. Shift from manual, error-prone finance processes to scaling up and enabling growth.
Quality management for raw materials and final products
Streamline quality control and sampling for raw materials and manufactured products, while tracking individual product units. Leverage reporting, approval workflows, and audit trails.
FDA and GXP validation for product quality and consistency
Align with FDA validation requirements per 21 CFR part 11 by ensuring correct ERP software configuration before testing and documentation with rightsized GxP compliant processes.
Clinical trial unified management for remote delivery with cost control
Enable a single source of truth for clinical trials, accelerate the trial process, ensure data quality, deliver actionable insights at each stage, and raise patient/sponsor engagement while improving processes and team alignment.