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Investing in a solution like FAS5Pro offers several benefits. Not only can it help you solve routine problems, but you’ll streamline your processes and improve accrual management. There are four key benefits fast-growing companies and their accrual platforms capture:
Error-free actual process
Error-free actual process
Simplified finance approval
Simplified finance approval
Cloud-based report for audit
Cloud-based report for audit
Save an average
Save an average of 24 hours of work by department

Why FAS5Pro?

With dotSolved FAS5Pro, you can make business decisions with current, accurate financial information.
Autoload open PO’s and even
Autoload open PO’s and even allow PR’s based on exceptions/rules
Control suppliers and PO’s
Control suppliers’ and PO’s suppliers’ view of accrual info
Configurable email
Configurable email templates to auto-notify suppliers and internal PO owners
Define approval & review
Define approval & review flows for accrual provided by Suppliers and PO owners
Allow FP&A to view
Allow FP&A to view end-to-end accrual data and consolidation
Single click JE booking
Single click JE booking, approvals, and the period beginning reversals capabilities
Effortless and accurate historical
Effortless and accurate historical and trending audit capabilities
Simplified reporting
Simplified reporting configuration

FAS5Pro High-Level Conceptual Architecture


Technologies, Connectors, and Compliance

Technologies, Connectors, and Compliance